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In 1994, funding for Michigan public schools changed dramatically with the passage of Proposal A, which removed local control of school funding and gave it to the Michigan Legislature. Overnight, the predominant source of revenue (more than 90 percent) for public schools became the per pupil foundation amount established by the state legislature each year. This approach worked well when Michigan’s economy was booming.

As Michigan’s economy declined, the state had three times issued mid-year executive order cuts in school funding and for more than a decade the state’s funding allocation to schools has not kept pace with the rising cost of operating the school system. In 2009-10, Northville was additionally impacted by the loss of its “hold harmless” funding promised under Proposal A, reducing the district’s per pupil allowance to an amount below the state’s basic foundation allowance.

While Michigan's economy has bounced back, there remains extreme financial pressure on public schools across Michigan, impacting Northville Public Schools’ ability to continue to support and enhance its outstanding educational programs.

Academics, athletics and the arts, programs we took for granted before, have all seen cuts. 

In 2000,  a group of concerned Northville school parents and community leaders founded the Northville Educational Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting enrichment programs and capital improvements in Northville Public Schools.

Gifts made to Northville Educational Foundation (NEF) are tax-deductible and are granted to NPS to support academics, athletics and the arts. Since 2000, NEF had raised and granted over $2.4 million to support the school district.

There are many ways you can support today's and tomorrow's NHS students through NEF...from donating to supporting a fundraiser to including NEF in your will. Whatever level of support you provide, you leave your legacy at NHS.

To learn more about the different ways to support Northville's students, visit NorthvilleEdFoundation.org.